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Actian Matrix 5.3.3

HTML Documentation: Includes complete, searchable HTML-based documentation for Actian Matrix. Also includes details on what's new and enhanced, changes in behavior, and resolved issues. (7 MB)

PDF Documentation: Includes all of the PDF books available for Actian Matrix. (8 MB)

Release Notes: Covers the current release, including what's new and enhanced, changes in behavior, and resolved issues.

Release_notes_5.3.3.1.pdf (189 KB)

Installation and Configuration Guide:
Covers the installation and configuration of new and upgraded Matrix installations.

Installation_guide.pdf (365 KB)

Administrator Guide and Reference:
Covers Matrix administration, development, and maintenance. Includes references for SQL, psql, CQI, system tables and views.

Admin_SQL.pdf (3 MB)

Client Connectivity Guide: Covers installing and configuring the PSQL client, the Matrix ODBC and JDBC drivers, and the .NET Data Provider.

Client_connectivity.pdf (3 MB)

UDF Developer Guide and Reference: Covers creating user-defined functions (UDFs) using SQL commands, PL/pgSQL, or C++. For UDFs created using C++, the guide provides information on creating both scalar and table functions using UDF API library objects and methods.

UDF_developer_guide.pdf (407 KB)

On-Demand Integration (ODI) Modules:
Includes installation and use of the Actian Matrix ODI modules for Hadoop, JSON, ODBC, R, Teradata, and Matrix-to-Matrix.

ODI_modules.pdf (519 KB)

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