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HVR is a robust and reliable database replicator. HVR can be used as a stand-by database, workload distribution, bridge between databases, enterprise replication bus or for an active-active solution. Product keys are required for this software and can be obtained from Actian.

HVR 5.2.1

HVR_5.2.1 | Release | Windows 32-Bit

HVR_5.2.1 | Release | Solaris x86_64

HVR_5.2.1 | Release | Linux x86 64-bit

HVR_5.2.1 | Release | Solaris SPARC

HVR_5.2.1 | Release | Windows 64-Bit

HVR_5.2.1 | Release | IBM AIX

HVR_5.2.1 | Release | MAC OS X 64-Bit

HVR 5.1.3

HVR_5.1.3 | Release | Solaris x86_64

HVR_5.1.3 | Release | Linux x86 64-bit

HVR_5.1.3 | Release | MAC OS X 64-Bit

HVR_5.1.3 | Release | Windows 32-Bit

HVR_5.1.3 | Release | Windows 64-Bit

HVR_5.1.3 | Release | IBM AIX

HVR_5.1.3 | Release | Solaris SPARC

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