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Zen PSQL Embedded Database PSQL v13 SP1

Zen PSQL v13 SP1

PSQL v13 SP1 | Release

Release Date: 2018 - 1 - 11
Zen PSQL v13 SP1 (13.10)
PSQL Mac Server OSX 64-bit DMG

PSQL-macosx-13.10-037.000.x86_64.dmg (121 MB)

PSQL Mac Server OSX 64-bit TAR

PSQL-macosx-13.10-037.000.x86_64.tar.gz (107 MB)

PSQL Mac Vx Server OSX 64-bit DMG

PSQL-Vx-macosx-13.10-037.000.x86_64.dmg (121 MB)

PSQL Mac Vx Server OSX 64-bit TAR

PSQL-Vx-macosx-13.10-037.000.x86_64.tar.gz (107 MB)

PSQL Client for Mac OSX 64-bit DMG

PSQL-Client-macosx-13.10-037.000.x86_64.dmg (114 MB)

PSQL Client for Mac OSX 64-bit TAR

PSQL-Client-macosx-13.10-037.000.x86_64.tar.gz (99 MB)

Zen/PSQL v13 SP1 Readme

readme_psql.htm (182 KB)

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