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Periodically, component teams version off their work in what they believe is a consistent state ready for expanded community testing, and they update the build configuration to indicate that the next build should take this version of the component. Engineering builds are built from the component versions that have been specified by each component team as the best version available but may not be functionally complete. Engineering builds do not support upgrades from earlier versions or builds and may not be stable. The latest engineering build is the one the development team likes early adopters interested in testing specific new features to be using, because of the valuable and timely feedback during the development phase.
Build 120 - Community Edition - Source Tar

ingres-10.1.0-120-gpl-src.tgz (129 MB)

Non-RPM format binaries.

ingres-10.1.0-120-NPTL-gpl-pc-linux-ingbuild-i386.tgz (41 MB)

RPM format binaries.

ingres-10.1.0-120-NPTL-gpl-pc-linux-i386.tgz (36 MB)

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